Creating Spirit of a Fairy

April 2, 2020

Spirit of a Fairy is a collection inspired by those we love most- our Jewels! After spending time talking to our customers, reading their comments on social media and reviewing survey results, it was easy to see that we’re all looking for a little magic in our lives. 

The Spirit of a Fairy concept was created to help us escape to enchanted forests and explore hidden worlds.  It was also meant to help us focus on the magic all around us.


What is one of the first things that come to mind when you think about fairies? Pixie dust. We knew the bath bomb had to leave behind a sparkling shimmer, as if pixie dust floated off the wings of a passing fairy.


We wanted the bath bomb experience to remind us of a place where fairies might actually live. We chose a scent with dizzying aromas of the dewy florals and forest rain to transport us to an enchanted forest. 


Mischievous and drawn to shiny objects, we knew fairies wouldn’t be able to resist stunning Sterling Silver rings with Light Sapphire Shimmer Swarovski stones, created for this collection.

Spirit of a Fairy is the gift we all deserve.  Let it’s magic powers wash away all your worries and help all your wishes come true. 

Amanda Scott

Amanda Scott

When Amanda isn’t busy creating new collections as the Director of Product Development, she’s constantly making plans. Whether it’s traveling around the world to visit friends, attending weddings, or attempting to complete every activity in Los Angeles, she believes in making every day count.