Heartbeat Bath Bomb: Our Way of Saying Thank You

May 29, 2020

Hero: An ordinary person who does the extraordinary.

Living in the time of a global pandemic, we’re told to stay home.  But that’s not an option for everyone.  Many people are still going to work every day to make sure the rest of us are safe.  These essential workers are the heartbeat of our community and we are eternally grateful for all they do.

As the crisis unfolded in our country, we knew we wanted to do something to help.  This is why we began producing FJ Sanitizer Spray tied to donations. So far we’ve donated to hospitals, police stations and Dream Center LA, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! In fact, we want to do even more!

Because the need continues to grow, we decided to create another product to honor and give back to all the essential workers! For every one of our new Heartbeat bath bombs purchased, we’re going to donate 2 oz of our hand sanitizer to those on the front lines!

Inspired by the blue color of the scrubs worn by medical workers and displaying a heartbeat EKG symbol, we hope to remind people of all the sparks of beautiful, ordinary hope we witness daily. 

We’re so proud of the people stepping up and banding together to help our country, so we’ve reflected that pride in the stones for these rings.  Our hearts beat true for the red, white and blue!

Food & agriculture workers, trashmen, doctors, nurses, social workers, sanitarians, firefighters, transportation workers and so many others are the backbone of our society and we’re so appreciative! 

Here’s to our heroes!  Your efforts never miss a beat and our hearts are with you.  From all of us here at FJ, thank you! 

Amanda Scott

Amanda Scott

When Amanda isn’t busy creating new collections as the Director of Product Development, she’s constantly making plans. Whether it’s traveling around the world to visit friends, attending weddings, or attempting to complete every activity in Los Angeles, she believes in making every day count.