How It’s Made: Unicorn Tears Bath Bomb

March 19, 2020

From the vibrant colors to the majestic rings, Unicorn Tears Bath Bomb is just so much fun. You know what else is fun? Getting to go behind the scenes to see how it’s made! 

What makes Unicorn Tears Bath Bomb unique?

The method for making this bath bomb has since been coined as ‘The Unicorn Tears Scoop.’ We layer the mix like Neapolitan ice cream in order to get just the right proportions of colors in every bath bomb. The result is magical!

The Ingredients

We develop a unique formula for each of our collections, but there is one thing they all have in common. High quality ingredients that are good for your skin! This includes:

  • Avocado & sunflower oils to nourish & moisturize. 
  • Epsom & Dead Sea Salts to detox & exfoliate. 
  • Superfoods shea butter & almond oil to restore skin.

You may have also noticed lots of glitter inside these bath bombs (wouldn’t be unicorn tears without glitter!). For all you concerned citizens out there, all of our glitter is biodegradable, so safe for your drain and safe for the environment! 

Packing our Ingredients into a Bath Bomb

We are always developing new molds and different methods of packing in the ingredients, so each bath experience is unique. The color-filled Unicorn Tears scoop is what creates that super vibrant bath water our Jewels love!

It’s truly an art and art takes time. All the bath bombs have to sit for 12-24 hours to harden. Plus,  Unicorn Tears gets hand painted with biodegradable glitter for that magical touch.  

From our Hands to Your Door

All of our shipments are hand packaged and sent directly from our hands to your door. We’re really proud to send you hand crafted products made and shipped from Los Angeles, California. 

The Experience

Now that you’ve seen how it’s made, take a look at how this unique formula looks in your tub. Ugh, and those rings! You can see why these are a customer favorite.

Michelle Sardina

Michelle Sardina

Michelle is Senior CRM manager for Fragrant Jewels, an office dog mom and a candle fanatic.