How My Kid Learned to Love Bath Time

February 5, 2020

Let’s face it, being clean is not a high priority for kids and my son’s toddler years presented bathing challenges of epic proportions. 

Most days, he looked like he was the lone survivor of a week-long food fight. When we gave him paint, he used it to cover his entire body instead of the large pad of drawing paper we bought him.

And when we tried to get him in the bath, he would race throughout the house merrily spreading his hard-won filth. This was of course hilarious to him, but not to me after a long day at the office.

This all changed in 2016 when we began making bath bombs at Fragrant Jewels. I brought the first samples home for my wife, but she never got the chance to use them. My kids had already cornered the market. Bath bombs changed the whole concept of baths for my children. My son explains, “it’s just cool how they look in the bath with different colors coming out… it’s like an explosion”. Plus, “you get a prize at the end of your bath,” he continued. 

Getting clean just kind of happens in the process of a new experience that changes with each different bath bomb. “I never think about getting clean when I use a bath bomb,” my son says.  Mission accomplished.  

Now my son is 9 and he’s moved on to showers.  But he still loves to test new bath bombs and, at this point, he’s a really tough critic and always keeps us on our toes!

Adam Starr

Adam Starr

Adam is a Co-Founder and General Counsel of Fragrant Jewels. More recently, he has become a reluctant homeschooler for his two children. He can’t wait to retire from teaching.