My FJ Story

February 5, 2020

I started working at Fragrant Jewels on July 25, 2016, but my story begins a little before that on the day of my interview.

As I was coming into the building, a young woman approached me, smiled, and asked if I needed help. She seemed busy, but took time to walk me over to the interview. As we walked, we started to talk and she casually introduced herself as Keyla, one of the owners of the company.

At the time I was working at a company where you rarely saw ownership, let alone interacted with them, so this was a pleasant surprise that really stuck with me. Even after I started, that welcoming first impression held true. 

Since the first day on the job, it has been quite the journey. We have seen people come and go, introduced and changed many processes to refine our operations,  thrown some amazing employee and customer
parties, and brought so many products to life.

In looking back, though, what I admire most about working here is that there are never any bad ideas, only ones we haven’t tested. No one is afraid to fail.

It has been amazing to work for a company that not only invites everyone to provide feedback, but also believes and invests in the development of the people it employs.

One of the great things about working here is being able to share our life and family with one another. Being there for each other during the sad times and celebrating all the good times.

I have seen people at FJ get engaged, married, buy their first home, have their first child, second child, and even third child (I’m currently the only member of this club. Waiting for some company!).

Coming to FJ has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I truly believe in the company and appreciate that they believe in me, too.

Javier Jauregui

Javier Jauregui

Javier is our Director of Operations and communications ninja! He is at his best collaborating with his teams and figuring out how to make impossible projects happen. In his spare time, he's usually planning an awesome party!