Our Decision to Work with the National Domestic Violence Hotline

February 5, 2020

At Fragrant Jewels, we are blessed with the strong community that’s grown around our company.  As result, we have customers, or as we like to call “Jewels”, who share so much of themselves with us and foster an open dialogue.  

Giving back is a core tenant of FJ, so a few months ago, we decided it was time for another product that pays it forward.  We reached out to our Jewels and asked which causes they cared most about. Luckily, but not surprisingly, our goals aligned.  We all wanted to support survivors of domestic abuse and help bring an end to this epidemic in our country.

From there, the search was on! We did research to identify all the different charities out there.  We wanted to find an organization that supported not only our goals, but the goals of our customers as well.  After hours of research, a number of phone calls and many emails back and forth, we found the right fit: the National Domestic Violence Hotline (the Hotline)

For almost 25 years, The Hotline has been around as the only 24/7/365 national service provider offering service via call, chats and texts.  We loved that they are always around and available via any method, because we know sometimes just making contact can seem impossible when in such a negative environment. 

Personally, I’m thrilled we’ve chosen such a wonderful charity to contribute to for our Life Intentions: Against All Odds collection. Though I’ve never personally been in an abusive relationship, my friend was when we were younger.  I was there to help get her out, but I know so many others don’t have that kind of support. They need someone to call.

The Hotline answers that call (5 million so far in their 25 year tenure) and works to shine a light on the hidden epidemic of domestic violence, supports and advocates for survivors and promotes healthy relationships for all. 

To help end relationship abuse and support the National Domestic Violence Hotline, you can purchase Life Intentions: Against All Odds.  Every purchase from this collection helps provide survivors with the safe space they need to get help when they need it most. 

Amanda Scott

Amanda Scott

When Amanda isn’t busy creating new collections as the Director of Product Development, she’s constantly making plans. Whether it’s traveling around the world to visit friends, attending weddings, or attempting to complete every activity in Los Angeles, she believes in making every day count.