What does clean mean?

January 30, 2020

You want to de-stress after a long day, light up a candle and grab a bath bomb, but do you know if you those products have the best ingredients? Or why that should matter?

Here at Fragrant Jewels we think controlling the process and ingredients used in our products means we pick only the cleanest, high quality options.

We manufacture in Los Angeles and I get to develop each product in our in-house lab. When it comes to ingredients, we stay away from animal derived waxes or additives, choosing only 100% vegan options. We never use phthalates, parabens or other preservatives. Instead we opt for choices that provide the same performance, but are gentle to our bodies and our environment.

A few years ago, Keyla came to me to develop our first disco ball bath bomb. Can’t have a disco ball without some glitter, right? Quality ingredients are so important to us, we decided it was better not to launch it at all if we couldn’t find environmentally friendly glitter. This catapulted us in to a multi-year project of searching for the right partner who could bring our idea to life. Only when we were able to source an environmentally friendly option was this project resumed.

When thinking of our products,  this is what you can expect:

  1. Only the use of 100% Vegan ingredients
  2. We use moisturizing oils you can pronounce, like avocado oil, sunflower oil or sweet almond oil!
  3. We never use phthalates, parabens or other preservatives.
  4. We only use FJ Signature Scents. We work with fragrance houses all over the US who customize all of fragrances uniquely for us.
  5. We test all of our products for performance. This includes candle burn tests in our in-house burn laboratory for a clean burn all the time.

Taking time out of your busy days to relax, recharge and disconnect is important in the busy world we live in. Here at FJ we provide products that allow you to do just that, along with the peace of mind of knowing all of our products are good for you and good for the environment. 

Elizabelle Wills

Elizabelle Wills

Elize, Quality & R&D Manager, promoter of "we can do it, if not now, later."