What it Means to Be a Mom | Stories From Our Customers

May 6, 2020

As we think about the amazing women in our lives, we’re taking a moment to celebrate all of you! We are celebrating each and every one of our Inner Circle Moms and even the new Moms in our office. 

Mama Bear

While we are living in a time of uncertainty, one thing is for sure, moms are working overtime. Show your mom how much you care with this Mama Bear bath bomb & bonus Tiny Heart bath bomb duo that honors our co-founder Keyla and her 1-year old daughter, Penelope! Keyla is celebrating her 2nd Mother’s Day as a new mom and wanted to share her journey with each and every one of you. 

Celebrating my First Mother’s Day

Keyla and Penelope
For Penelope

By Keyla Torres, VP & Co-founder of Fragrant Jewels

Our living room has gotten smaller since you joined us.

Our vision travels to a constant center of gravity–a common focal point, who for the past year has had the same effect regardless of what room you’re in.

In front of me, you sit upright, perfectly centered on a padded mat lost in play with a set of wooden blocks. 

I glance up and the glow of the sunset bathes the room. You hear your dad descending the stairs, and you, with a knowing gaze, turn towards the direction of the sound. And, for a quick moment, everything is perfect and still.

Stories From our Customers

A Mother’s & Daughter’s Bond is Eternal

By Susan Lazear

Mom & Daughter

“My daughter and I love Fragrant Jewels. I started buying them for myself as a treat, and I still do, especially the candles. However they quickly became a favorite of my daughter as well and make a great reward for hard work. Comparing rings and opening them together is a great way for us to connect. I also love to get the candles for my mom. She enjoys finding the ring inside and sends us pictures. FJ has given me a great way to treat the special ladies in my life and still treat myself. thanks FJ!”

A Son’s First Love is His Mom

By Dalila S Harris

Mother & Son

“What can I say… this not so little guy is my whole world. He’s the best part of me and I love him to the moon and back. I always tell him “it’s me and you kid, against the world”. And I even made up a song when he was a baby that he will still sing with me (if I bribe him lol). Mama and Jabari, Together Forever.” 

A True Blessing

By Ariel McFarland

Family Collage

“I am very blessed and lucky to be a mom. Is it one of the hardest jobs, if not the hardest. But the rewards are immeasurable. I have my wonderful son, Alexander, who is 4. He is my little spark.  My world begins and ends with him. I’m lucky and blessed to have him. I had to do fertility treatments so that he could be mine. It wasn’t easy, but as the saying goes, the best things in life rarely are. My favorite thing to hear, “I love you Mommy.” I am also a “fur-mom”. I have a big black half Great Dane named Henry. He is 5, and the universe definitely brought him into my life. After forgetting something from a shopping trip, pure chance led to me bringing him home. As the breed description often says, he is definitely a 95lb lap dog, full of love and snuggles.

The two boys of mine make me beam with joy every day. I get to play with them…. I get to watch them grow… I get to love them… I get to be their mom…It is the best thing in the whole world.” 

My Daughter is My Hero

By Connie Cooley Sanford

Family Photo

“My daughter, Mandy is the most loving, giving woman I’ve ever known! She is a Kindergarten teacher in a small private school. She cleans medical offices 3 nights a week and coaches a girls softball team. All this, and she still cooks a meal every night.

When I purchase FJ products, I always, always buy for her because she will not spend money on herself. She absolutely loves Fragrant Jewels…One of our favorite things to do is send each other ring pics after we get rings from bath bombs or candles.. we are always swapping and trading rings. She is one of my greatest gifts from above!” 

Family is Made up of The Mutual Love You Have For Each Other

By  Dee Basso Yoshimura

Family Collage

“I am a mother. I am a grandma. I am a wife. I am a Multiple Sclerosis warrior, fighting everyday for my health. Of all of the things that I am, a piece of each is what defines me, but being a Mom has the largest piece.

Our family is blended. I adopted our oldest son when he was a teenager, which gave my young daughter a big brother. He and his wife have blessed me with my first grandbabies: twins, a boy and a girl. My Twinados.

My husband made me a mother again when we married, giving me a young son and a teenage daughter, who happens to be the same age as my biological daughter. My new daughter blessed me with my second grandson, our third grandbaby.

I have learned that a piece of paper titled Birth Certificate doesn’t mean much. My children are my children and bloodline does not matter to me. Of all the things that people call me, Mommy and Grandma are the names that warm my heart and make me who I am within my soul. And it doesn’t matter how old your children get, they will always need their mom, and I am honored to be the one they call mommy.” 

Give the perfect gift to your own loved one and commemorate a bond that lasts forever. Happy Mother’s Day!

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