What’s Your Fairy Name?

April 11, 2020

Our Spirit of a Fairy bath bomb will transport you to an enchanted forest with dizzying aromas of dewy florals, woodland foliage, jasmine, and forest rain.

Fairies are known to collect small, shiny objects. When you arrive at the enchanted forest, you’ll find one of the beautiful sterling silver rings our fairies have collected.

In the collection there are 10 fairy wing-inspired sterling silver rings designs, each set with a Light Sapphire Shimmer Swarovski® Crystal.

It’s all so magical, but there’s still just one thing missing from your story. What will the other fairies call you when you arrive at the enchanted forest?

Michelle Sardina

Michelle Sardina

Michelle is Senior CRM manager for Fragrant Jewels, an office dog mom and a candle fanatic.